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SaaStras is a blog offering tips, opinions and motivation on Digital Lifestyle for professionals, freelancers and solo entrepreneurs. Here you will find topics related to internet, mobile & web apps, social media for Career Advancement and Solo Business Growth.

‘SaaStras’ word is formed with the combination of SaaS (software as service) and Sastras; meaning the texts/ knowledge about “Internet for Self Acceleration”. Word ‘Sastras’ is taken from Sanskrit language. Sastras means “sacred texts or teaching”. It is used to denote education/knowledge in a general sense. The word is generally used as a suffix in the context of technical or specialised knowledge in a defined area of practice. For example, Astra Sastras means, knowledge about “Handling of weapons”, Astra means weapons, and sastras is their knowledge. ‘SaaS’ term became quite popular in business world in this decade with the popularity of mobile and web apps and tools on internet which business users use for different purposes to digitise their work for better outcomes.

Grow in your career or solo business with Digital Self Acceleration

We are living in the dynamic world today. The economies are fragile like never before. Businesses are getting disrupted and replaced by new ones in days count. The professionals are at the risk of getting fired due to recession or company failure multiple times within years time. The skill set of professionals is getting obsolete everyday with newer and newer technologies and practices coming in the businesses. The professionals face challenges in sustaining themselves in their jobs.  The competition is fierce in the digitally connected world. The professionals are virtually competing against each other in the market and at work without geographical barriers for job opportunities and career growth. I have been a job seeker multiple times in my professional life. I learnt how to create tangible and intangible opportunities for myself through Self Digital Transformation.

I lead product management and marketing strategy for business software companies. I research, experiment, build, market and sell the products. I believe technology and management aspects as applied by businesses can be applied by individuals for self to create value for themselves, their employers and/or their customers. However, the ways to may vary. I help professionals in creating job opportunities, creating impact at their workplace,moving up in their career path at a company and building professional brand. I help freelancers and solo entrepreneurs in creating business opportunities, building individual brand, being organised in different business process, being highly effective in delivering results.

Disclaimer - The opinions and views expressed here are solely mine and don't represent my employer in any way.