This is how I got 30 product manager interview calls in 30 days

As a professional, you would always come across a stage when you want a job change. I was in such a position a few months back and that is when I chalked out “30 DAYS JOB HUNT PLAN” in December last year. I know what you are thinking. Yes, my friends said the same – How can you make such plan in December when people in most companies are on holidays? Well, I said when there is a demand, there is a demand irrespective of the month. I had got another lucky charm as my beautiful baby girl who was born on 28th Nov.

I prepared a full-blown hunt plan to tap opportunities in the best way possible.

Guess what!

I got 30 calls for Product Manager roles from 30 companies across the globe and India (Dublin, Germany, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai). The companies ranged from Consumer Tech, B2B SAAS, B2B Enterprise Software, Tech Consulting Services business areas. See the list below.

Hacks to get the job calls – All logic, No word washing shit!

Positioning your Profile Right, All-Star 

Building your profile is not a one-time activity. Its an on-going activity based on your professional strategy. I consider LinkedIn profile as my fundamental market positioning platform. I have been working hard to keep LinkedIn profile neat and tidy with all the necessary information about my experience, interests, academics. The positioning of your profile is very important since that is the way you want your prospective employers and the whole world look at you. This is the first great chance to impress your prospective employers or customers (in case of solo entrepreneurs and freelancers). Similarly, I have been actively involved in shaping up my profile on other social media like like Quora, Twitter, and my personal blog.

Check if LinkedIn mentions your profile as All-Star

The idea is when recruiters or your buyers try to map people for prospective opportunities, your profile pops up in their results.

Secondly, if they have got your details from Linkedin Search or any other source, they could validate credentials, skills, and area of expertise on a preliminary basis from your social profiles. Believe me, recruiters are going to do that. Its been my personal experience as a recruiter where I have rejected a job 5 years back when a recruiter found inconsistency in my profile data. Be original, be transparent. Show the same picture everywhere. You would come out as the best choice.

Profile Views by Recruiters, Hiring Managers, VPs, CXOs

I got decent profile views on a regular basis from recruiters, hiring managers, Product Heads, CXOs in December month. I didn’t remember the visit number. But yes, refer to a sample below. People contacted me over different channels like Email, Linkedin, Call, Twitter.





Do job portals help? Yes, they do

I kept an eye on all the portal on daily and basis. I used to run the searched using related keywords and filters (see below) to find the relevant openings. I would rate Linkedin,, and Naukri as quite an authentic source of opportunities for product manager role. I would keep IIMJobs as moderate rating and monster jobs on the lower rating for the product manager and related positions. I tried and applied for any relevant new job at the beginning of the posting. I got 40% call from Job portals out of which 58% were through LinkedIn.

Sample Filters, Add values as required

Try Content, get Inbound calls 

My profile was available on various job portals. I also write across different platforms like Linkedin, Quora, my personal blog, industry media sites and so on. I could find topics applicable to my subject, business function, industry, technology. Content helps me showing the level of my expertise and knowledge. I promoted it across different platforms. People would read my content as per the interest I could generate. I regularly got profile views, queries, calls, messages which helped me create opportunities and above all my professional brand value. I got a handful of interests around 27% from HRs (initiated by Hiring Managers, Product Heads & CXOs) and others without even making the first contact. They got me through a search on different job portals and content written by me which generated an interest. See excel sheet above.

Linkedin Inmails











Direct Emails

My Outbound Outreach Strategy

I could define my target employer market based on the kind of companies I was looking. I considered relevant demographics like the place, industry, technology, business, size etc of the companies. Then for mapped people working in those companies by filtering them by designation, function, and department. This is how you find email ids of people you want to approach.

Direct Outbound

I directly contacted people working in selected companies over email, linkedin, twitter. See sample outbound messages below. Here, I tried and tested different templates depending on the situation. As a result, I could 20% of the calls from cold emails/ messages.

Sample Templates for you to consider


For the companies, where I could find common contacts over Linkedin or otherwise, I asked them to give my reference to the concerned person. For eg. through a known person as VP in a company gave my reference to VPs and CEOs at other companies. I got direct calls from Hiring person from 100% of contacts whom I was referred. I got my first offer in 7 days record time frame in the second week of December.

Last but not the least, Be Persistent

I made sure that I keep consistent follow-ups with the contacts until the time I get interview confirmations. I could generate record 30 interview calls in 30 days in December.

Here are few sample follow-up templates

All I would say is to be logical in your approach, use multiple channels, experiment with different strategies and be persistent. There are a lot more opportunities for you in the world than you ever thought of.

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