Product Owner and/or Product Manager – Don’t Debate the Wrong Issue

April 5, 2018

Recently I was called into a mid-size software organization – and got right in the middle of a heated debate that had obviously been going on for some time. Development wanted to move to a Scrum-like agile model and put pressure on the established Software Product Management (SPM) department to change their name to Product […]

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Product Management Frameworks you should know as a Product Manager!

January 27, 2018

AIPMM Product Management Framework Source Another Version Source BlackBlot Product Management Tool kit (PMTK) Action Team Model Source ISPMA Product Management Framework Source   Pragmatic Marketing Framework Source PRODUCT FOCUS Product Activities Framework Source Proficientz B2B Product Management Framework Source Sequent Learning NETWORKS Product Management Framework Source Spice Catalyst Agile Product Management Framework Source 280 […]

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Step by Step Approach for Product Roadmap

July 22, 2016

We all as Product Managers must have a Roadmap. Why?  It defines your Product Journey. Its better to acknowledge the same and work to create effective roadmaps for a predictable product journey vis-a-vis your product goals and initiatives. Step 1: First of All, you need to define your Product Goals. The Product Goals can be your Product, Sales, Marketing or any […]

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