How to get Email ids of any person you want to contact?

July 24, 2016

What you are going to learn here, may open doors to unlimited opportunities if practiced in a constructive manner. There is no purpose to write a cold email if your offer doesn’t have any realistic value for the Receiver. A. Manual approach with 5-8 minutes work per contact Try to find domain name of the company […]

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Looking for Interview Calls? Apply the Science of Self Sales.

July 12, 2016

Ask any sales guy, How important are the leads for him? He may talk for hours on the same. In fact within sales teams, one major area of conflict is leads’ ownership. Who owns that lead? Every sales guy wants leads since it’s the starting point of sales lifecycle in any type of business in the […]

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Product Management Principles for Life

July 5, 2016

An organization defines the ultimate goal called Vision it wants to achieve and hence everyone in the organization at personal and team level work towards that vision. The mission comes from vision as what would an organization do to achieve the vision. Similarly, an individual should also define a vision and mission statement for self as a […]

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Why Product Professionals need to know Self Selling?

June 22, 2016

Personal Selling as we all know is done by a sales professional to persuade another person (representing Buyer) to buy the products/ services. Personal Selling practices are known to Sales professionals in Businesses since its the part of their job. Is there any significance of personal selling in your professional or personal life? How is Personal Selling applicable in […]

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How to create an opportunity from Linkedin Endorsement?

June 21, 2016

Do you know if your network like you on Linkedin? One way you would get to know that is when any of your contacts endorse you for the skill you have mentioned on your page. What’s next?  Its good to have endorsement lying on your page to show the recruiters or your business prospects that people acknowledge […]

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