Uncover Myths of Product Management & Marketing in 2018

April 1, 2018

Methodology Vs Idea based Product Management Approach I recently read an article by Gabriel Steinhardt on the current state and future of product management. He describes the Dichotomous future of Product Management where he foresees the evolution of two approaches to Product Management – Idea based and Methodology based.   The Generalization, Business, and Technology […]

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BPO Talent To Be Groomed For Inside Sales In SaaS India

December 27, 2016

Published at Product Nation With ongoing expeditious advancements in communication, social media, cloud, mobility and related technologies – sales is on a continuous path for digital transformation. This is going to place inside sales teams at a strategic position in sales and marketing process, in terms of significance. A shift is being observed from field sales […]

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Evolving Software Products Market in India

June 16, 2014

Moving up the value chain – From body shopping to offshore development to consulting Indian IT industry started making its initial footprint in the international market in 1980s when the core business value proposition was cost arbitrage which is still today an important driver for the growth of the industry. As the Indian IT firms […]

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