Product Growth

Enterprise Content Marketing Is A Different Ball Game Altogether

You have heard this a thousand times already, but content marketing is riding the high wave and will continue to do so for as long as the consumer market wants to make informed purchases – instead of ones they just end up making for keeping up with trends. But having worked in the B2B industry for a while now, there’s one thing that I’ve realized –enterprise content marketingis…
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Product Management

Measuring SaaS Health

Healthy SaaS businesses show a consistent ability to upsell their current customers every year, increasing the value of each customer cohort over time.ZScaler, a SaaS business which recently went public, shows a wonderful example of this in their public…
Product Management

The Top 5 Customer Imperatives for 2019

With half my career in management consulting and the other half in consumer tech and B2B SaaS, one theme has been a constant. While buyers and users increasingly expect hyper targeted brand experiences, personalized services and more fluid product interactions, customer…