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23 Wonderful Podcasts for Product Guys. Number 1 is Absolutely Stunning.

People nowadays, owing to their busy schedule and advanced lifestyle, find it difficult to read and gather information. This is the reason why podcasts are an indispensable tool and this is particularly true for product managers and product guys. Product managers, despite their hectic schedule, are required to analyze all data very intricately as it is essential for driving successful meetings and product launches. Podcasts, thereby, play a huge role as one can listen to valuable stories and advice that can be both informational as well as inspirational.

Leading Podcasts for Product Managers

This is Product Management

‘This is Product Management’ is one of the best podcasts currently used by millions. It involves thorough and interesting interviews of brilliant minds. The best part of This Is Product Management is that it covers numerous disciplines that offer inspiration to modern product managers, especially the entry-level Product Managers. The podcast has several influential hosts namely, Nis Frome is the Co-founder & Vice President of Product at Alpha, Roddy Knowles, the Vice President of Research & Customer Success at Alpha, and Alexa Szal, Product Manager at Alpha. Recommended Episode: Distributed Decision Making 

ProdMgmt Talk

The USP of this popular podcast is that it discusses the art, craft, and discipline which are required for products. Such factors add value to the product and the podcast, therefore, targets seasoned Product Managers. It is hosted by Douglas Ferguson, President of Voltage Control which is a popular  Austin-based workshop agency that specializes in Design Sprints. Voltage Control also conducts innovation workshops and has also worked with Google Ventures. Hence, its inspirational success stories are nothing short of fuel for product managers. Recommended episode: Why and how product managers can benefit from product communities 

Product School

This all-encompassing podcast is hosted by popular Product managers from Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Spotify, Twitter, and several other tech companies/ startups. Not only are these podcasts incredibly engaging but also improves the public-speaking skills. Recommended Episode: How mentors can help you break into product 


Product Hunt Radio

Product Hunt Radio is a brilliant weekly podcast hosted by Ryan Hoover, Founder of Product Hunt, Abadesi Osunsade, Founder of Hustle Crew. The podcast is also complemented by the presence of founders, investors, journalists, and makers, who all collectively talk about creating and exploring the future of product management and managers. Recommended Episode: The future of proptech with Thomas Kutzma


Product People

Cited as one of the most versatile podcasts, Product People incorporates interviews of entrepreneurs, successful product managers and developers. Product People is also a great video alternative for designers as it interviews designers who have built successful products. Recommended Episode: Scott Young: teach yourself how to program, finally!


The Top Podcasts for Product Marketing & Growth guys

B2B Revenue Leadership

B2B Revenue Leadership mainly focuses on inculcating leadership in the B2B space. Its sole motive is to inspire how to drive substantial revenue and organic reach with the help of modern and scientific approaches. Hosted by the highly successful Brian G Burns, this podcast targets CEO. Recommended Episode: How to win more sales even when you are viewed as a commodity


Social Media Examiner Show

Hailed as the Podcast Guru for CEOs, this podcast elaborates on how to employ social media, learn new strategies and tactics for establishing and sustaining successful businesses. It also offers priceless tips that can help in improving social media marketing. It is hosted by Jay Baer, Founder of Convince & Convert Consulting, a digital marketing, and customer experience advisory firm. Recommended Episode: How to Rethink Your Way to Business Growth – 395

Duct Tape Marketing

Hosted by leading business marketing expert and author, John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing brings experts and guests who discuss essential tips and tactics that are required to stand out in the digital marketing space. Recommended Episode: Cultivating Compelling Communications for Your Business


Popular Podcasts for UX Designers

The Hacking UI Podcast

This brilliant podcast is hosted by famous entrepreneurs and designers, Sagi Schreiber and David Tintner. This podcast interviews highly-experienced thought leaders and successful designers who talk about design and development. Recommended Episode: The value of free education and building communities (w-Quincy-Larson, FreeCodeCamp)


High Resolution

Bobby Ghoshal, the co-founder of Candid Co. and Jared Erondu, Designer at Lattice, hosts this informative and motivating podcast. It discusses the approach adopted by successful companies and also elaborates on how to communicate and deploy design. Recommended Episode: Facebook head of design Luke Woods on designs true impact and creating for 2 billion people


UI Breakfast Podcast

This highly specialized podcast talks about scintillating UX and UI design. It also covers products and marketing and hence is beneficial for budding product managers. Recommended Episode: Episode 159: Designing for Analytics with Brian O’Neil



Podcasts for SAAS Entrepreneurs

The SaaS Revolution Show

As revolutionary as the name, this podcast invites founders, executives, and investors who explain unique strategies on how to attract and keep customers. They also discuss how companies can grow sustainably. Recommended Episode: The framework for scaling your SaaS startup with Mark Roberge




Hosted by Jason M. Lemkin, Founder of and CEO and co-founder of EchoSign, this podcast interviews prominent operators and investors. The guests share amazing tips and strategies to be successful in the domain of SaaS. Recommended Episode: SaaStr Podcasts for the Week with Airtable and Shopify Plus, October 25th, 2019


The SaaS Podcast

The hosts of this podcast interview famous SaaS founders and entrepreneurs to get their insights for launching a unique and successful Saas business. Recommended Episode: Freemium Model for SaaS: Lessons from a Startup Founder – with Sam Dolbel [239]



Famous Podcasts for Sales and Inside Sales guys

Inside Insidesales

Inside Sales, hosted by the Chief Marketing Officer of VanillaSoft, Darryl Praill, discovers strategies and tactics that are shared by top sales experts. Such valuable inputs are bound to increase sales development success. Recommended Episode: Stick to the Script



Make it happen Mondays

This podcast talks about several topics such as sales cycle, cold calling, negotiating as well as closing sales deals. The podcast is hosted by a popular face, John Barrows, CEO and founder of JBarrows Sales Training.



Sales Gravy

Hosted by Jeb Blount, author, speaker and sales expert, this podcast is a must-listen for the salespeople as it covers tips on objections, brilliant negotiation strategies and other related topics. Recommended Episode: Listening is Where Effective Sales Negotiators Earn Their Stripes



Best podcasts for learning Agile/Scrum 

Agile in 3 Minutes

Agile In 3 Minutes is a fantastic micro podcast that discovers how to think and execute business effectively. The podcast is hosted by Amitai Schleier, a leading Software development coach. Recommended Episode: Camerata



Agile Uprising

Andy Cleff, the Senior Agile Coach of Creative ThinkerFocuses, is the host of this amazing podcast that focuses on the advancement of the agile mindset. It also highlights the importance of global professional networking between practicing agilists. Recommended Episode: Agile Coaches Start Stop Continue




Covering a broad range of topics about agile, scrum and organizational transformation to name a few, LeadingAgile delivers a wonderful perspective and is hosted by popular Scrum trainer, Dave Prior. Recommended Episode: Agile Transformation Vs. Project Management Offices



Motivational Podcasts for Start-up founders 


a16z informs about all the latest tech and culture trends. The guests discuss the news and the future. This in turn successfully connects diverse people to the robust technology ecosystem. Recommended Episode: Coronavirus Resources & Readings



Masters of Scale

Hailed as one of the best podcasts for start-ups, this podcast shares advice from Silicon Valley and CEOs from Nike, Netflix, Starbucks, etc, thereby motivating struggling entrepreneurs. Recommended Episode: How To Start A Revolution



This week in Start-ups

This is a popular weekly podcast hosted by American Internet entrepreneur, angel investor, author and podcaster, Jason McCabe Calacanis. The podcast shares interesting, motivational, outrageous and the absolute best stories that give a realistic peek into the world of entrepreneurship. Recommended Episode: E1036 #AskJason Maximizing equity & security at startups, top founder/investor traits, podcast tips

People working in product space are a bunch of highly creative individuals with the drive to succeed. But there is just one obstacle in their path to exponential growth- the fact that product guys are perpetually too busy to read anything. Hence, podcasts come to their rescue as it smartly conveys all encouraging stories and value-adding morals without requiring product managers to spend much time on it.

So, if you are a dedicated product guy who is aiming to bring forth a change, let 2020 be your year with the help of the top podcasts.