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Takeaways from AA-ISP International Insidesales Day

It was a great evening at AA-ISP International Inside Sales Day on 4th December. This was a virtual event which happened globally at all the chapters of AA-ISP in US, Brazil, Europe, Asia and Australia.

We conducted the event at our local Gurgaon chapter as well at Insidesales Box Office. Being the Chapter President, I have the task to engage stakeholders with an interest in InsideSales to collaborate for imparting knowledge and best practices, explore technologies and share opportunities. I observed few important things in regard to the technology industry in India.

1. Enterprises and experienced SMBs have developed Insidesales functions within their organizations. They have been doing well. But they are now looking to accelerate their numbers through automation and process improvisation. They still need to attain perfection.

2. Upcoming SAAS companies India are a bit apprehensive about building inside sales functions within their own organizations. Few are counting on 3rd party Lead Generation companies and few are doing finding it hard to generate results out of internal inside sales teams. They need to understand since they are new to this function, its okay to be nervous. They should invest in learning and implementing the inside sales function.

3. Tech companies who are essentially selling in developed markets are new to insidesales technology. They are known for CRM, Marketing Automation Tools, Social Media, IP telephony, Communication Software. However, they are not yet to exposed to inside sales tech. Still, they need to see the magic.

4. One of the biggest problems, 146 billion USD technology industry (including IT, BPM, Software, Hardware) in India faces in inside sales is hiring. Though India is a mature market for BPO “calling” professionals (close to 0.7 million) who are into telemarketing, collections, survey and support kinds of operations; the base of core B2B Inside sales professionals is limited. I could find only 8,696 professionals on LinkedIn using the keyword “sales development rep OR SDR OR Insidesales OR Inside sales OR Account Executive OR AE” to cater to the whole industry which seems a low number. Question is whether talented BPO professionals can be a good fit for B2B inside sales?




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