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Insights From AA-ISP Roundtable On Social Selling

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AA-ISP (American Association of Inside Sales Professionals) Gurgaon and Noida Chapter held its first quarterly meeting for the year 2016 on 19th March that revolved around the buzzing topic of Social Selling. The event was a huge success and witnessed a diverse audience from Marketing, Sales and Inside Sales domain. This time the Roundtable was hosted by Inbound Mantra.

In the realm of B2B Social Selling, there is plethora of information out there, drilling down to all the minute details. However, when it comes to the right approach and hands-on experience, everyone has their doubts, because sometimes the simple stuff gets skimmed over and without that vital base, our cool marketing plan might not meet its desired fate. Therefore, for this year’s first AA-ISP Roundtable, we had some awesome speakers to share their B2B Social Selling experience and learning.

Don’t worry, in case you missed out on attending the AA-ISP Roundtable, we bring a snapshot of the event:

3 Step Social Selling Framework: Varun Mittal – President, AA-ISP

Varun began his session by introducing a new concept of ‘Social Development Reps’ and how this trend can shape the future of Inside Sales. He presented a 3 step framework for using social in sales:

  • Social Prospecting – Finding target audience using LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Pre-Targeting – Warming your leads by being helpful instead of directly pitching
  • Engagement – The key lies in breaking the ice with the adoption of a personalized approach

Key To Social Selling Success: Ajay Chauhan – Co-Founder, SalezShark

Ajay spoke about the most important constituent of a sales process – Trust and how its importance increases manifolds in a social selling scenario. He discussed about the importance of content that an organization displays for its target audience and shared his experience as to how SalezShark revamped their content strategy by adopting a ‘storytelling’ approach over a traditional content approach. He also shared his Sales success mantra based on three key principles- speed of communication, presentation, and wow-effect.

How to leverage Social for Sales Success: Ankur Chaudhary – Founder, ioFunnel

Ankur provided a complete account of how a sales rep should lay down the social selling roadmap. Starting with LinkedIn, he talked about finding the right prospects through LinkedIn Sales Navigator, researching content on prospects’ areas of interests through tools like BuzzSumo, and ultimately how to engage with them and earn their trust and warmth through sharing valuable content and answering their queries. He mentioned various touch points that a sales rep could take to ensure effective engagement with the prospects. Furthermore, he gave tips about getting connected with the prospects on Twitter by following a contextual approach. He endorsed a mix of LinkedIn and Twitter for an effective social selling strategy.

The audience enjoyed every bit of the discussion and actively participated in the Q&A session. The roundtable ended on a high note and with much higher hopes for the next quarterly meeting.

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