‘Saastras’ word is formed with the combination of Software and Sastras; meaning specialized knowledge on building, managing, and growing software product business. Word ‘Sastras’ is taken from the Sanskrit language and is generally used as a suffix in the context of technical or specialized knowledge in a defined area of practice. 

Our mission is to help Entrepreneurs, Product Managers and Growth Hackers succeed in building, managing, and scaling SaaS products. We offer curated content on product management, growth, and career topics.

Hi, My name is Varun MIttal. I am the creator of Saastras.com. I am a SaaS Product Management professional having over a decade of experience in building and growing B2B SaaS products. I love to write and talk about product, growth, career, and entrepreneurship in B2B SaaS space.

Currently, I am a Product Manager at SOTI, a Canadian software company. Previously, I have worked with Newgen Software, Ameyo, and Tech Mahindra. I have previously served as the Chapter President of AA-ISP (Association of Insidesales) in India for 3 years.

Happy to connect with you over Linkedin or any other channel 🙂