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How to create an opportunity from Linkedin Endorsement?

Do you know if your network like you on Linkedin? One way you would get to know that is when any of your contacts endorse you for the skill you have mentioned on your page. What’s next?  Its good to have endorsement lying on your page to show the recruiters or your business prospects that people acknowledge you for your capabilities in a certain area and you are perfect for the job.

There is more to endorsement. It’s a key to create an opportunity. Consider this – When an important contact endorses you, what do you do? Most of you would be happy for a moment that influencer/ thought leader has acknowledged your skills. However, its an opportunity to build a conversation over a Thank You message which can help crack ice with him and further share a proposal for prospective engagement.

If you foresee an opportunity with the endorser, you would definitely want to use this hack. Here is the hack…

> An important person endorses you

> You send him a ‘Thank you’ message with a light win-win proposal

> The contact sends you a reply

> Don’t lose hope if you don’t get a reply. Repeat the hack for another endorser

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 9.39.48 am

Other obvious things you would want to know about endorsements are listed here.

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