If you need tips to start, listen to my SAAS Rap

It’s all in the airMade shrink-wrapped disappearIt’s still a business yoYou gotta work at it broIf you need tips to startListen to my SAAS rap First find what you want to doMake it special, gotta get to knowWho be the user? What be the use?Is the need major? Is the need now?Do they lose money? Or waste lots of timeIs the pain real? Happen all the time?Is everybody suffering, or it’s only…
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Case study: Optimizing a SAAS business  (Part 2)

This is a multi-part series of reports on a real-life case study helping a SAAS business find its PMF and reduce the friction of user on-boarding to drive up signup-to-use-to-buy metrics. In the first part of this series, I covered the broad issues and challenges and the…

Case Study: Optimizing a SAAS business

“We need help. We feel we are spinning our wheels. We have a great product, follow all SAAS practices and recommendations, have customers, a healthy traffic and sign-ups but we don’t seem to be converting any sign-ups to paid customers.” I was invited by a SAAS…