Product Stories

Ozonetel: Bringing AI in Contact centers

Briefly define your product? We started off with the Kookoo platform which allows developers to build their own innovative telephony solutions. KOOKOO platform provides a software layer that interfaces intelligently with global communication networks, social networking sites, email services, messaging applications, etc. We later added a ready-to-use cloud contact center product…
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Product Management

How to hire exceptional product managers?

There’s a lot of information available on the internet from a candidate’s perspective on cracking an interview. There are also umpteen useful resources to understand the skills that a Product Manager must possess. But hiring the right product manager for your team is…

Product Management Dynamics in a Start-up

As any start-up evolves, it goes through different stages such as validating an idea or establishing product-market fit or scaling up. Whether you are a founder or a Product Manager, you need to understand the dynamics of product management as your start-up goes through…