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Why Product Professionals need to know Self Selling?

Personal Selling as we all know is done by a sales professional to persuade another person (representing Buyer) to buy the products/ services. Personal Selling practices are known to Sales professionals in Businesses since its the part of their job. Is there any significance of personal selling in your professional or personal life? How is Personal Selling applicable in your Personal Life? By…
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Evolving Software Products Market in India

Moving up the value chain – From body shopping to offshore development to consulting Indian IT industry started making its initial footprint in the international market in 1980s when the core business value proposition was cost arbitrage which is still today an important…
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5 Must Haves for Product Entrepreneurs!

There has been a rise in technology entrepreneurship as a movement since last 10 years in India before which new technology businesses were essentially due to business expansion by corporate and business communities in India. Now, we are witnessing the rise entrepreneurial…