Product Management

We Need Fewer Product Managers

Note 1: This post may read like an attack on product management. That is not my intent at all. I love all things product. This post has been brewing as I interact with more and more companies struggling to define (and scale) product “management” in increasingly complex organizations. Note 2: Part of this is response to the refrain “there aren’t enough experienced product managers out…
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Product Management

10 Product Development Traps

These are not “rules”, but rathertendencies. We seem wired to go in one direction, and have to actively offset the tendency. I’ve fallen into each of these (repeatedly) over the years, and have observed extremely savvy product developers do the same. How do you…
Product Management

“Going Agile”

I was on a plane recently, and ended up sitting next to a CEO of a medium-sized company. He was deep in the email-responding zone for most of the flight, but finally took a break to have a drink. He wasobviouslya seasoned leader; I immediately had that “this…