Product Features Prioritisation - More than Impact v/s Effort

I recently had a nice long discussion with a product manager friend working for an e-commerce giant. Among other things we talked about prioritization and how we do it in our respective organizations. I had some interesting thoughts and I talked to PMs in a dozen startups in India to understand how they are prioritizing for their products. I have realized that other than the…
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PM Job Seeker's Checklist

I’ve been helping a lot of techies and accidental PMs to understand the scope of Product Management. So many times that I was able to put most FAQs and basics inthis short course. So while this covers the basics, people do come up with more questions on the role…

Evolving A Sprint Process That Everyone Loves

What is fun for a team of 10, quickly turns in to a nightmare for a team of 25, and a disaster for a team of 50. Every time I see a startup scale up, I find them running in to and complaining aboutquality issues, communication break-down, stressful work environment…