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Insights From AA-ISP Roundtable On Social Selling

Originally published here AA-ISP (American Association of Inside Sales Professionals) Gurgaon and Noida Chapter held its first quarterly meeting for the year 2016 on 19th March that revolved around the buzzing topic of Social Selling. The event was a huge success and witnessed a diverse audience from Marketing, Sales and Inside Sales domain. This time the Roundtable was hosted by Inbound…
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Product Management

Product Management Principles for Life

An organization defines the ultimate goal called Vision it wants to achieve and hence everyone in the organization at personal and team level work towards that vision. The mission comes from vision as what would an organization do to achieve the vision. Similarly, an…
Product Management

5 Must Haves for Product Entrepreneurs!

There has been a rise in technology entrepreneurship as a movement since last 10 years in India before which new technology businesses were essentially due to business expansion by corporate and business communities in India. Now, we are witnessing the rise entrepreneurial…