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MSG91: Helping businesses deliver automated SMS

Recently, we got an opportunity to talk to Pushpendra Agrawal, the founder of Walkover Web Solutions. Pushpendra talks about one of his products, MSG91 – An Enterprise Communication Platform. He talks about his product strategy of bringing all communication services (SMS, Email & Voice) under a single Omnichannel platform to stay ahead of changing businesses and their customers&#8217…
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Product Stories

Is It 2.0 For Indian IT?

“In Biggest IT Deal, HCL Tech To Buy $1.8 Billion of IBM Software” screamed the headlines. While the size of the font in the headlines was because of the dollar figure, one wishes it was more because a leading Indian IT Services company was investing in products. There…
Product Stories

Evolving Software Products Market in India

Moving up the value chain – From body shopping to offshore development to consulting Indian IT industry started making its initial footprint in the international market in 1980s when the core business value proposition was cost arbitrage which is still today an important…