Product Management

Chief Product Officer Or Chief Product Everything

The title of leader is universally enticing to a particular type of person. And while most appreciate that the practice of leadership is difficult, that doesn’t diminish the appeal of status and power. The role of Chief Product Officer is viewed by many in Product Management as the top of the Product job hierarchy. And it’s a role that’s on the rise in Australia, according to Which-50…
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Product Management

Product Management in B2B SAAS Vs B2C SAAS

I am a Product Manager of B2B SAAS (Enterprise/ SMB) Product since last few years and have fair enough idea on the same. I talked to numerous Product Managers in B2C SAAS space. Here is the list of differences/ similarities in roles and challenges which PMs face on the 2…
Product Management

Step by Step Approach for Product Roadmap

We all as Product Managers must have a Roadmap. Why?  It defines your Product Journey. Its better to acknowledge the same and work to create effective roadmaps for a predictable product journey vis-a-vis your product goals and initiatives. Step 1: First of All, you…