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NotifyVisitors, helping digital marketing teams deliver personalized customer notifications

NotifyVisitors helps automate notifications on a website and mobile application based on visitor behavior. One can select from multiple targeting rules including location, visitor duration or frequency, browser or device type, URL source, time of the day and many more.

We interviewed Siddharth Gupta, the Founder of NotifyVisitors to know more about the product, key business problems it solves, and how NotifyVisitors is helping businesses.

What are the key problems you solve for today’s businesses?

Siddharth: Marketers have challenge delivering a real-time personalized message to their online customers at right time in the buying cycle. NotifyVisitors helps deliver cross-device and omnichannel real-time personalized communications to the customers.

Who are your ideal customers and why they do need NotifyVisitors? Whom do you pitch in any organization?

Siddharth: We ideal customers are online businesses serving large customer base digitally. We target Retail Banks, Insurance companies, Mutual funds, E-commerce, Airlines, Media, Cinemas engaging with their customers on Web and/or Mobile.

With whom does NotifyVisitors compete in the market? How is it different or unique from others?

Siddharth: Notifyvisitors competes with marketing automation tools like Marketo, Adobe marketing cloud, Optimisely, Google 360.

Notifyvisitors is built for marketers and requires the minimum intervention of the tech team. It offers complete marketing stack on one platform. This enables better targeting and cost saving for the customers. Our customer support is very good, we do not just sell the software but help with execution as well.

Who are your product users? What are the different use cases of NotifyVisitors?

Siddharth: Marketers use our product. Our product removes dependencies of marketers on their IT team to execute personalized marketing campaigns for following use cases

  • You can show a feature announcement or site maintenance notification on your website or App. Further, notifications can be targeted to visitors coming through specific Adword campaign.
  • You can show personalized content to a user on a repeat visit. Some users who have left the product in the cart can be shown a message to complete the transaction on their next visit. This involves personalization and segmentation capabilities of our product
  • Refer a friend program helps to acquire customers through word of mouth marketing. Example, a customer can earn a discount on the next purchase when his friend buys from Lenskart through his referral
  • Finally, machine learning driven Chatbot helps build conversational chat bots without requiring a chat agent to chat with a customer in the backend

Any winning case studies you would like to highlight?

Siddharth: We are able to serve up to 50 Million impressions of Web Push notifications for Dominos in a fraction of the cost of SMS. Web push notifications opened up a new channel to drive sales. While there is a significant cost of sending SMS, web push notifications are much cheaper and give a wider reach.

How does NotifyVisitors work?

Siddharth: Marketers can create and visualize marketing campaigns. Personalized messages can be sent to customers across multiple channels such as Mobile/ Web Push, Email or SMS. Further, real-time, dynamic and rolling segments can be created based on user attribute and their behavior across multiple channels. Marketers can optimize subsequent communication triggers on the basis of segment transition.

What have been your top product or growth challenges lately? And how are you managing that?

Siddharth: Top growth challenges are to keep evolving the product to meet market needs. Finding new markets as growth avenues and business growth in very competitive market is another challenge in this space

What’s ahead on your Product Roadmap?

Siddharth: We plan to be the one-stop solution for all marketing needs of a customer including support, sales, and marketing. Progressive Web App is one technology that would replace mobile Apps going forward.

On the growth side, we are focusing a lot on creating customer awareness by generating content on the latest trends in marketing tech.

The Man behind the product

Siddharth Gupta is a passionate entrepreneur with more than 7+ years of experience in technology. He’s worked at large and small companies, developed and launched products from scratch, before founding NotifyVisitors.

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