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If you need tips to start, listen to my SAAS Rap

It’s all in the air
Made shrink-wrapped disappear
It’s still a business yo
You gotta work at it bro
If you need tips to start
Listen to my SAAS rap

First find what you want to do
Make it special, gotta get to know
Who be the user? What be the use?
Is the need major? Is the need now?
Do they lose money? Or waste lots of time
Is the pain real? Happen all the time?
Is everybody suffering, or it’s only a few
Would other folks need it, and say thank you!

Can you build a product
Super easy to use
That’ll work on them pain points
A deal they can’t refuse?

Will you offer a trial? Everything they can do
Keep it simple and sexy, that’s the way to woo
Tips, guides, videos, handy as can be
A friendly human to chat with, of necessary
Send mails to the newbie, often and polite
The red carpet treatment is what will get you ayes

Pricing is tricky, you need foot in the door
As user needs grow, you’ve gotta take more
Number of users or more infrastructure
Pricing for growth, is best way to prosper

So you found one user. And one. And another
Don’t stop till you know measure
What use, what pain, what value you deliver
If you know how to find others
With message and medium
You’ve found your elusive PMF!

About author

Arvind mentors various SAAS startups around product road-map, GTM, brand building, some "angel" funds, and ideas. He writes & talks about mobile tech, digital content monetization, clean politics, innovation. Building SAAS community in NCR.