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10 Indian Product Managers Who Are Sharing Their Wisdom On Twitter

Twitter and product management do not always go hand-in-hand in the Indian context, but amongst Twitter’s 330 million active users, there are some gems one should not miss.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 Indian product managers whose roles are as diverse as their field of work and are influencing businesses all across. From topics spanning from decision-making, inclusion, time management, networking, mental models and more, these people are creating their own philosophy of how businesses should run and at the same time becoming role models and even mentors for millions of aspirants.

So, if you are on Twitter and are looking to hone your skills as a product manager, you’re not far from your goal.

To give you a sneak peek of their vibe, we have included a representative tweet for all 10 influencers.

Hand-picked by Team MSG91 here goes:

#1. Lucky Murari

A Product Manager at, Santosh Lakshman M has some gyaan to give on Startups, Travel, Movies but recently, more on Cryptocurrency.

@luckymurari. Nov 26.

Shift from flipkart 2 Amazon is a change of ACTION;
Shift from eating in Restaurant 2 Ordering online is a change of BEHAVIOR;
Shift from using own car 2 carpooling is the creation of HABIT

It’s easier to change ACTION than BEHAVIOR. HABIT creation is most difficult #prodmgmt

#2. Ripul Kumar

Ripul has Co-founded and profitably ran a global design research, UX, and innovation consulting company for more than 11 years. He is currently Head of User Experience at Tally.

@ripul. Mar 9.

Four ingredients for solving a problem:
1. Intent
2. Focus
3. Time
4. Collaboration

Take one out and you are left with an inappropriate solution.

#3. Rega Jha

The Editor-In-Chief, BuzzFeedIndia, Rega Jha is the girl boss who has so much to say.

@RegaJha. Apr 12.

We’ve spent so long aspiring to be “strong” women, not realizing that the glorification of strength is, itself, a patriarchal hangup. Be vulnerable women, be soft women, be women who falter and fumble and learn. It’s ok. “Strong” is overrated.

#4. Anand Jain

Anand Jain is Co-Founder, CleverTap. He was also the founding CTO of Mumbai-based Burrp.

@helloanand. Apr 23.

PSA: Scaling a startup is by a magnitude harder than starting up. The challenges involve scaling your execution amidst a rapidly evolving (your own) landscape. The org mindset that got you from start to now (0-4 yrs), won’t get you from here to next phase (4-8 yrs).

#5. Sampad Swain

Popularly known as one of the first movers in the financial technology space in India, Sampad Swain is the Co-Founder & CEO at Instamojo.

@sampad. Mar 31.

Lastly, while working on an idea please ensure you’ve clear answers to 3 questions;

1. What’s your secret sauce?
2. What’s your killer use case (aka hero feature)
3. The biggest threat that then kill you (PS – capital can’t be the answer)

Best of luck for FY19. Happy to help!!

#6. Ayush Jain

Ayush keeps an active blog on Medium, where he shares his views on everything Product Management.

@ayushtweet. Mar 12.

Stay away from these issues when building your mobile apps. … #UX #Mobile #Usability

#UX #Mobile #Usability

#7. Paras Chopra

Founder & Chairman, Wingify, Paras Chopra features on the Forbes 2016 30 under 30 Asia Enterprise Tech list.

@paraschopra. May 1.

To progress, you need to be predictable, dependable and consistent.

People give you status or money if you predictably entertain them or predictably make their life better.

Nobody cares for yesteryear’s value creators.

#8. Avlesh Singh

Co-Founder & CEO at WebEngage, Avlesh Singh’s tweets comes with his rich startup experience in product & technology.

@avlesh. Apr 29.

Spending too much time in meetings that lack coherence and purpose? Here’s how to handle it.

#9. Amit Ranjan

A techie at heart, a manager by degree, and a pragmatist by behavior, Amit Ranjan Co-Founder, SlideShare, is the architect of DigiLocker and OpenForge.

@amitranjan. Mar 26.

Startups are always born in the blind spots of the big companies!

“Most SaaS products don’t start out 10x better than alternatives. You have to solve some problem that a niche customer group deeply cares about. Start small. Deliver value. Delight the customer” @davidcummings

#10. Avnish Bajaj

Co-Founder, Managing Director and Managing Partner at Matrix Partners India, Avnish Bajaj is from the first class of India’s pioneering technology entrepreneurs.

@avnish. Feb 6.

Meetings are for (previously) informed discussion & debate if needed for important decisions – not for information dissemination. IMO the bar for calls & imposition on others time should be super high – writing things down has the added advantage of forcing thought clarity

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Guest Author:

Pallavi Jaisinghani, Team MSG91

Pallavi is a writer by profession, a reader at heart.

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