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Why Product Professionals need to know Self Selling?

Personal Selling as we all know is done by a sales professional to persuade another person (representing Buyer) to buy the products/ services. Personal Selling practices are known to Sales professionals in Businesses since its the part of their job. Is there any significance of personal selling in your professional or personal life?

How is Personal Selling applicable in your Personal Life?

By nature, man is a social animal who sustains himself by approaching people and transacting his skills for personal growth. A man aspires to have a girlfriend or wife or companion at some stage in his lifetime. He faces competition from other men and hence involves in personal selling by communicating about his goodness to a prospective girl, building trust and finally proposing for an engagement.

What is Self Selling?

Consumer to Business (C2B) is defined as a business model where an end user or consumer provides value to a Business in form of product or service that the business uses to complete a business process or gain competitive advantage. Self Selling is Personal Selling in C2B model is to find, attract, inform and/ or persuade the required people in the business for the desired personal engagement with the targeted organization. Any student, working professional, freelancer or an entrepreneur aspires to achieve success in the business world needs to learn C2B sales.

Why don’t most of us know Self Selling?

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Few of you would have studied marketing and sales courses at your college. Few of you practice Sales and Marketing in your profession and business. Those who have not studied or don’t practice sales, don’t feel like you are out of the game. Irrespective of that fact that we know and practice sales or not, the majority of us miss to apply the same in a personal capacity. There are various reasons for the same.

Professionals and Students are taught and trained to apply the concepts for businesses and jobs only. They are unaware that the same can be applied to self. Even a great sales Professional may not be aware of exercising self-selling for career acceleration or personal brand building or any other personal or professional self-goals.

Most of you are not sure if it’s going to work for you. If you don’t know how to do, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be successful when you practice it. You just need to experiment with it. Learn, Apply, Fail fast, Try again and Succeed with self-selling.

Only very few who are able to apply self-selling are sales coaches, sales technology professionals, digital marketing or social selling experts who they aware of it, have trust in the science of self-selling and know how to do it. However, experts might only see few parts of the whole spectrum and miss on the complete picture because of exposure to only specific areas of self-selling. The second reason is that there is a constant change in marketing and sales practices and processes because of expeditious technology advancement all around because of which things go unnoticed and even experts’ expertise get outdated.

To all those who are looking to learn Sales Concepts for Life, I appreciate your eagerness to learn.  Trust me, it is not a rocket science but a common sense to learn and apply. By nature, man is a social animal who sustains himself by approaching and transacting his character and personality for personal and professional growth. For professionals and entrepreneurs who practice sales and marketing as part of their job and business respectively, there lies an opportunity for you if you start looking at things from self-selling perspective and explore how next-generation tech on the internet can enable you to be more sales effective.

In short, consider yourself as a Product and learn how to market, sell, upsell or cross-sell this Product.

Why do you need to do Self Selling in your Business/ Career?

We are living in the dynamic world today. The economies are fragile like never before. Businesses are getting disrupted and replaced by new ones in days count. The professionals are at the risk of getting fired due to recession or company failure multiple times within years time. The skill set of professionals is getting obsolete everyday with newer and newer technologies and practices coming in the businesses. The professionals face challenges in sustaining themselves in their jobs.  The competition is fierce in the digitally connected world. The professionals are virtually competing against each other in the market and at work without geographical barriers for job opportunities and career growth. Any professional (Chief Executives, Mid Level professionals, Entry Level Joinees, College Graduates) look for a better position, desired work, change in job profile or a new job itself. Entrepreneurs looking to raise funds, scale up their business or tap sales or business opportunities. Freelancers and Independent Professionals look for new or additional work from new and existing clients respectively or create a personal brand in their line of work. I have been a job seeker multiple times in my professional life. I took every failure as a challenge to learn and grow. I learned how to create tangible and intangible opportunities for myself through personal selling. I could pay my bills from the opportunities on the way and moved forward to build my profile and personal brand in the area of my interest and finally got the opportunity.

We as professionals, entrepreneurs, students or freelancers are involved in self-selling at every stage of our career or business. It’s a high time for us all to start learning and practicing self-selling as its going to help us shape our lives in this highly competitive and dynamic business world. I wish you all success 🙂

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