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Wizikey, Building PR SaaS from the ground-up

Briefly define your product?

Wizikey stands for “Visibility is Key”. It helps businesses to identify and pitch to relevant journalists and thought leaders.  With inbuilt data intelligence, companies monitor the latest information about their industry and competition, track the success of their PR campaigns, and build meaningful relationships with the press. 

What are the key problems you solve for today’s businesses?

Businesses are aware that advertising helps them to tell but it is PR which actually creates the trust to sell. In fact, there is an 85% increase in preferences for businesses to move communications in-house. They have already moved content marketing, social media, thought leadership inhouse and this is where Wizikey helps them manage external communications better. The problems which exist today are

  • Painful to discover and reach out to relevant journalists and influencers
  • Measuring the impact of their PR efforts and further optimization is impossible (like in Google Ads and other products) 
  • Managing relationships with media basis their interest and responses (like CRM approach of Salesforce)

This is what Wizikey is solving. 

Who are your customers? And why they do need your product?

Wizikey caters to Digital-First businesses from India and the US who want to reach out to the press in India. We are largely a mid-market focussed company (Catering to businesses with employee strength of 50 to 2,000 employees.   E.g. We have from the USA which has generated more than 2.5X of PR in the last 6 months. The mid-market segments love Wizikey because of following – 

  • They find the existing opaque ways of working painful
  • They want collaborative software which can bring teams from different streams working together – content writer, Data analyst, PR Strategist, etc to work together
  • They are digital and hence understand the data-driven ways of communications and love Wizikey’s data-first approach – from selecting an influencer to measuring the impact

With whom does your product compete in the market? How is it different or unique from others?

Our current competitors are Cision and Meltwater. They are our direct competitors.   Frankly, we also think Linkedin is our biggest indirect competition.  – they already have the world’s largest and most updated number of media and influencers. This is because of their rapid investments in editorial content like “News that you were mentioned in,” editorial section, “What is trending,” and more such features. We are built for millennials – as opposed to our competitors which are decades old and hence clunky to use. We are also extremely focussed on making what customers really want rather than becoming bloatware with dozens of features that no one uses and wishes to pay for. 

Who are your product users? What are the different use cases of the product?

We have 2 broad categories of customers and we have named them internally basis actual users who love these features of Wizikey

Analyzing Anup  – This user persona is using data for making everyday decisions in his businesses. With Wizikey, Anup keeps a close track on the Earned Media Authority (EMA) which covers a number of mentions in relevant media for his business, industry, and competition. In fact, he also gives EMA based Goals to his teams to achieve every month. For. e.g, Within e-commerce, Amazon wants to increase its EMA by 5%. With this kind of data approach, Anups in businesses are able to track their campaigns and PR success. 

Anup’s Problem: How do I know what is happening in my industry? 

Searching Sarah – This user persona is searching for the right press via Wizikey’s keyword search. With Wizikey, Sarah is able to discover and pitch her stories to the media in under a minute. She doesn’t need to search the net for their email id, research them within Wizikey basis their last story, their Tweets, LinkedIn posts, and 10 more such filters to be sure of making connections.  

Sarah’s Problem: How do I contact the best journalists for my story?

Any winning case studies you would like to highlight?

Here is why uses Wizikey:

And why do IP ventures use Wizikey?

How does your product work?

Wizikey’s key product features are Insights, Discover Press, Workflow management for better collaboration

What have been your top product or growth challenges lately? And how are you managing that?

Wizikey is practically creating the industry of PR SaaS in India from the ground up. Being the category creator, we have to also ensure we educate our users. This has been the biggest challenge so far. 

What’s ahead on your Product Roadmap?

We are looking to bolster our data analytics and insights and will be integrating with social media analytics soon. This will ensure a holistic measurement of a successful PR campaign.  We are also working towards onboarding more journalists and enabling businesses to reach out from Nagpur to New York.  We are also investing to start an educational series to create courses for PR professionals. 

Maker behind the product

Anshul is India’s only IIT Engineer with a Communications degree, building a Communication in India for the World. From his roles at HCL as global marketing professional to VP Marketing for funded startups to consulting over 20+ Series B and C startups, Anshul brings the rare experience of scale-able Communications that really work for businesses. At Wizikey, he takes care of Product and Sales.