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Product Management Principles for Life

An organization defines the ultimate goal called Vision it wants to achieve and hence everyone in the organization at personal and team level work towards that vision. The mission comes from vision as what would an organization do to achieve the vision.

Similarly, an individual should also define a vision and mission statement for self as a professional or an entrepreneur.

“You are the product of your own. You need to create a vision, mission, goals, and roadmap of the product with your brand name.”

It’s very important to freeze upon the destination where you want to go and then choose your path to reach your destination. Let me state a hypothetical vision of a mid-career digital marketing professional in the US –  “To achieve a CMO position in a company and be recognized in the industry for my contribution to the marketing profession”. I would like to derive a hypothetical mission from the vision – “To consistently deliver in an organization as a marketing professional, share best marketing practices with the marketing community and grow by tapping opportunities over my career path”.

Once you have defined your Vision and Mission, it’s the time to break down your mission into short-term goals. The short-term goals added to your timeline gives you yearly/ year wise roadmap. As a physical product is built step by step by accomplishing the features as given over a Roadmap, the similar way you as a Product would develop by achieving the goals defined over your Roadmap.

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